Available on the iPhone App Store

Easy calendar

Using a calendar on iPhone has never been easier!

  • A simple and effective week view
  • A unique continuous-scrolling three weeks view (rotated)
  • 100% integration with native iPhone calendar events
  • Add an event with 3 taps, edit with 2 taps
  • Search, copy and move events
    directly from within the week view

Why is Easy Calendar different?

Easy Calendar is an iPhone week calendar designed around frequent tasks instead of options you only need occasionally. To create a new event: tap on a day, enter time, description … done!

In other iPhone week calendar apps you have to navigate through multiple screens to create any event. For a typical appointment (with friends, a doctor visit, car maintenance, etc.) you should not be bothered with all the options they present you.

We designed Easy Calendar on that basis. With a focus on simplicity and entry speed, we regarded anything beyond time and description as optional, but still available if you need it.

An elegantly designed calendar, which is noticeable by its very sophisticated "Symplicity". Kudos to the developers, great job!
It's simple, fast and it works just right. Highly recommended.
René Baart
I love this app so much. I love seeing the whole week at a glance and being able to add events in the view.